Design and Build Modern Digital Solutions


Evaluate Architecture , Design and Code Quality. Eliminate Technical Debt


Assess Readiness. Embrace DevOps Culture for Agility


Migrate to Cloud. Institute Full-Stack Development

Modernizing Legacy Applications

We help our clients transform their legacy applications to modern digital solutions (those that employ a combination of Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT etc.). Owing to several years of working on complex transformation programs in large enterprises, we provide a structured approach to cloud transformation spanning assessments to migration.

Modern Software Architecture

Cloud is central to digital technology today. Organizations are increasingly employing cloud to deliver solutions across mobility, analytics and IoT. We help build net-new, cloud-native solutions that factor new economic models and foster business agility. We have expertise in building solutions that are scalable, resilient and highly available.

Graduate to DevOps - a Culture of “High-performance” IT

In the digital age today, DevOps is synonymous with business agility. More being a cultural phenomenon than a technology one, DevOps practices are helping organizations to deploy faster, have lesser failures and recover from failures much faster. Our experts can help your organization transform into a high-performance culture through adoption of DevOps practices by integrating a combination of best practices, best-of-the-breed tools and relevant and latest technologies.

Software Quality Assessments and Refactoring

In our careers spanning decades, we often observe a dire need to assess the “ground-truth” of the software source base. The reasons include “lack-of visibility to the quality of the off-shored product”, “understanding the quality of source base before acquiring product ownership”, and “projects unable to come out of a ‘fire-fighting’ mode”. This end-to-end consultancy involves identifying quality concerns in code, designs, and tests, applying remedial measures, elminating technical debt and demonstrate the progress through specific metrics.

Architecture and Design Best Practices

A surefire way for improving the productivity and capability of a software organization is to adopt proven architecture and design practices. Deriving from our earlier experience architecting and designing successful software solutions, we help teams transform their software solutions by adopting relevant and effective best practices.